This website is all about horror. You may read all sorts of articles regarding fantasy and romance but make no mistake about it.

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This website is all about scary stuff. Interesting thing about modern horror movies is that it is quite irreverent. It all too eagerly breaks down the walls between fantasy romance and horror. It understands that to tell a really great scary story, you have to get people to laugh. You have to get people to chuckle. Oftentimes, you have to get people to smile. Once they are disarmed and let their guards down, that’s when you scare them.

But unlike traditional horror movies that thrive on the contrast between being scared and being happy, modern horror is all about creating horror tension with contradiction.

When we work the fertile ground of uncertainty, all sorts of strange fruits come up. This is where fantasy quickly blends into ghastly horror because of the uncertainty involved. There is such a thing as a beautiful corpse. There is such a thing as a delicious dilemma. There is such a thing as profound paralysis. It is these unlikely pairings of human intellectual realities and positions where horror can truly arise.

But what really makes this project amazing and intriguing is the fact that horror is always constantly being reshaped, reworked, and redefined. In a way, it’s not much different from a piece of jewelry being fashioned by an expert craftsman. In the beginning, you get a very identifiable and all too familiar piece of metal. But as it gets pounded, heated, pounded and heated again, it starts taking shape and with each strike of the hammer and each pinch of the vise, it teases with the universe of possibilities out there. It’s anybody’s guess what the final shape would look like. You may have a clear idea in your head what it should look like but reality being what it is, it’s anybody guess what the final form will take.

It is this delicious anticipation that makes horror such an interesting art form. It is also what makes it almost impossible to predict. In fact, the difference between a horror movie that is a flat out failure and one that is truly strikes to the highest levels of human imagination and a yearning for transcendence is a very thin line indeed.

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