One of the hottest product categories related to vape juice and vaping in general involves vaping accessories. Now, this is not as straightforward as you think. I’m not just talking about online vape juice branded swag.

A lot of people believe that these types of accessories simply involve carrying materials. I am, of course, talking about the boxes and storage materials that you would normally use with vape juice and e-liquid. These are the things that instantly come to mind.

But the word “accessory” is actually quite broad. It goes beyond storage. It goes beyond carrying paraphernalia from Point A to Point B. It can also involve clothing, believe it or not.

A lot of people don’t think that this is the case, but you have to understand that when you are part of a vaping culture or a lifestyle, everything about you, all those small details, add up to quite a bit. These details come together to paint a broad picture of who you are, what you’re about, what people should expect from you, the whole ball of wax.

And viewed from this perspective, it’s easy to see why a lot of manufacturers are getting on the accessories bandwagon. They’re really thinking outside the vape box, so to speak.

Instead of just looking at accessories as simply a product category that enables people to vape better or carry their stuff around more efficiently or more discreetly, accessories makers are looking at the whole lifestyle. They’re looking at clothing, they’re looking at head gear, footwear, you name it. This is a good indication that the industry really is mature. Vaping is here to stay.

It really blows the mind as to why vaping took so long to become popular. As you probably already know, this scene originally started with people looking for creative ways to extract as much flavor as well as resin from marijuana. But as more and more people got into vaping and e-juice, things changed dramatically.

Now, we’re dealing with completely legal substances, although weed is fast becoming legal in certain parts of the United States, the old questions remain. You have to project the right taste and you have to project the right cloud or appearance of a cloud.

And this is where the vaping scene really takes off because there’s just so many ways you can go. There are so many directions you could take. You can have a vape cloud that looks like a mushroom cloud, it really is mind blowing. Or you can have a fairly heavy vape cloud that doesn’t really create much a visual impact, but you can bet packs quite a bit of nicotine into your lungs.

There is kind of an internal debate within the industry should these clouds be, nice and pervasive, like people from 20 feet away can see the nice vape cloud that you make when you exhale, or should it focus primarily on taste and nicotine impact. The jury is still out, but you can bet that there is a tremendous amount of discussion as well as analysis inside and outside the industry regarding how personal vape juice could be.

But there is one point everybody can pretty much agree on. Your choice of vape juice is your choice. In other words, it’s very personal. So if there is a way you can broadcast that or make it plain to people around you, then this would count as some sort of personal accessory.

Remember, an accessory really is some sort of device, or some sort of action on your part or practice that draws attention to you. Everybody’s different. Everybody has a different way of doing things. Everybody definitely has different styles. So accessorization in this context makes a lot of sense as far as paving is concerned. Your choice of juice remains with you. It’s distinctive to you.