About S Darko

Sdarko.com is a website that operates on many different levels.

About the movie

Sdarko.com is a website that operates on many different levels. There’s a lot more than meets the eye. Sure, on a very superficial level, we talk about S. Darko. It’s a fantasy, romance, horror movie made a few years back. But asides from the general and all too predictable discussions about modern cinema, modern culture, and the meaning of modern cinemas as far as people’s contemporary psychologies are concerned, we look way beneath the surface. We’re not talking about scratching a few inches from the inches. We’re talking about taking a diamond head drill and just blasting through several hundred feet below the surface.

Our main focus is what kind constitutes horror in this day and age. We’ve been through the Cold War. We’ve been through the threat of nuclear annihilation. We have stared the possibility of a thermonuclear Armageddon straight in the eye. We have also weathered all sorts of scares regarding biochemical weapons, gas weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.

Still, somehow someway, we’re still here in one piece. Our global civilization has somehow miraculously survived. It turns out that a lot of the past tension that we felt regarding global human mortality did not play out in the real world. Oftentimes, there was really no bogeyman or bad person looking to press that button to trigger a global nuclear holocaust. That was a fantasy peddled by mass media from all four corners of the globe. They did that to champion an agenda. They did that because they have an agenda to pursue. They have vested interests or at least the people behind the media.

What was really going on? It turns out that people that are on the other side of the iron curtain were people just like us. They had kids just like us. They wanted to see their kids grow up just like us. They got sad when their kids got sick or got hurt just like us.

Believing the hype

We were unaware of this reality. Instead, we believed in shadow figures. We believed in the hype. We believe that there were these 20 foot Russian soldiers who ate blood and are all too eager to kill American babies and destroy the American way of life. That was the lie that we fed ourselves for close to sixty years. Fast forward to today, a lot of people no longer believe the lie. In fact, they’ve gone beyond that belief. They actually are very suspicious of anything that even comes close to being misconstrued or misinterpreted as a lie. That’s where we are.

It’s interesting to see how horror can materialize in this environment. How can you create an art form that focuses on pacing, suspense, the fear of the unknown, the fear of the taboo in a modern day world where people are extremely skeptical and increasingly cynical? It turns out that it’s easier that we thought. S. Darko’s one of those movies that tried to navigate to some limited success. But it is our understanding that within the failure of S. Darko and similar movies, some greater truths can be understood. From the ruins of these greater truths lies the possibility of a truly meaningful and significant horror movie of our day.

It is our hope that by analyzing all the threads that run through movies like S. Darko, we can get some glimmers of what a truly meaningful and interesting horror movie would look and sound like.